Water treatment for even more fine dust filtration

The basic idea of our regenerative moss filters is quickly summarised: High-performance moss is actively ventilated to clean a large amount of air from a large amount of harmful particles. The rule is: the better the moss is doing, the more we can strain it.

Less water for more performance

We are therefore constantly researching and developing to give the mosses the best possible care so that the performance of the CityTree, CityBreeze and WallBreeze increases even more. The latest upgrade humidifies and preconditions the warm and dirty city air that the ventilators draw into the moss filter before it meets the moss. The water used for humidification is fed from a reverse osmosis system. Excess water is recycled so that no waste water is left over. This not only significantly reduces water consumption, but also protects the moss vitality. In this way, we can significantly increase the intensity and duration of ventilation and multiply the output, i.e. the volume of fresh & clean air, by a factor of thirteen!