That was the BAM! Festival 2023

Last week marked the inaugural edition of “BAM! Bock auf Morgen” – the marketing festival putting sustainability in the spotlight, held at the Radialsystem in Berlin.

Under the theme “Breaking Good,” organizers aimed to inject a breath of fresh air into corporate marketing strategies. It was the perfect opportunity for climAD and CityBreeze to create a literal breeze on-site. Our team member, Lasse Rother, was present, organizing and summarizing his personal impressions and learnings for you on LinkedIn.

“It was heartening to witness how many marketers are already embracing green thinking and action—not only in their communication but also in their own marketing supply chains,” remarked Lasse Rother afterward. Being “green in your core business” holds tremendous relevance in advertising, confirming a survey where this aspect emerged as the second most frequent response regarding agencies and their transformative potential.

This affirmation is not only evident in the numerous inspiring and engaging conversations at the festival itself but also in past campaigns. Truly sustainable advertising solutions are in demand and will play an increasingly significant role in the future.

The CityBreeze at the BAM! Festival sparked interest in more ways than one—both for the large screen on the front and the moss filter on the back. “Both aspects caught the attendees’ attention in a positive way and led to many engaging conversations,” added Lasse.


Because we merge our clean air concepts with Digital-Out-Of-Home, we’ve created the first truly sustainable advertising network called climAD. With every 10-second ad aired, over 4,000 liters of fresh air are generated. This adds a valuable benefit to advertising, capturing the attention of viewers and making the advertising medium stand out. It’s a breath of fresh air not just for marketing!

Or as we like to call it: Clean air. Clean deal. Learn more HERE or kickstart your next sustainable campaign right away.

We extend our gratitude to the team behind BAM! Bock auf Morgen for the truly refreshing collaboration, and we look forward to what lies ahead!

With this initial step taken, as beautifully expressed by the BAM! Festival, “You guys are incredibly strong,” and that truly sparks excitement for what’s to come “BEYOND tomorrow”! (Source)