4 CityBreezes in the shopping mall

In large shopping malls, there is nothing that is not there. Almost nothing. You rarely see living moss there. Fresh, clean and cool air is not part of the status quo everywhere either. In Leipzig Grünau, however, it is.

Better air for thousands of visitors

The Leipziger Allee Center is not only a popular and well-visited mall in Leipzig’s Grünau district, but has also recently become the location of a completely new technology that improves the air for thousands of visitors every day: four CityBreeze digital information pillars have been installed here, which combine a large-format outdoor screen with an air filter based on natural moss.

Real fresh air oases

Ambient air is drawn in from the side and passed through mats of natural and living high-performance moss, which can be seen on the back of the stelae. On the one hand, the moss removes harmful fine dust particles from the air and can even metabolise them. On the other hand, the air is cooled by a few degrees through the evaporative power of the moss – a welcome additional effect of climate adaptation, especially on the increasingly hot days. This creates real fresh air oases around the digital information points.

A branding campaign of RECUP, Germany’s largest reusable catering system, placed by the agencies Weischer.JvB GmbH and DunkelGrün GmbH, has been running on the steles in Leipzig since 27 July 2022. The RECUP reusable cups and REBOWL reusable bowls replace disposable cups and bowls. With RECUP and REBOWL, the company offers a Germany-wide reusable system for drinks-to-go and take-away food.

Making cities greener

Alexander Burger, Head of Marketing at reCup GmbH, adds: “Making cities greener – we share this mission with Green City Solutions. For us, this is therefore a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to reusable packaging with added value. The CityBreeze filters get rid of fine dust, our RECUP reusable system gets rid of disposable waste.”