Welcome to the Moss Farm

“Moss makes the World go round” (“Ohne Moos nix los”), “even in Bestensee”, wrote Thomas Irmer, parliamentary group leader, district councilor and mayoral candidate of the SPD for Bestensee.
And at “Green City Solutions, moss even takes on a new meaning”: “With moss, you can significantly improve our air quality”!

Together with Tina Fischer and Katharina Knaack (both SPD), he visited us, learned more about the moss as well as the moss farm and our biotech filters from our managing director Peter Sänger. Afterwards, he concluded: The “research and development of active air purification systems using moss mats is a forward-looking innovation”. “The systems are made from regional products. The moss regenerates itself in a kind of ‘spa facility’. After 6 months it is fresh for use again”.

We are very delighted – about the faMOSS visit in our “spa facility” and also the kind words afterwards as Thomas Irmer ends with: “It was also fascinating to see the motivation of the employees on site”.

In the meantime, “approx. 30 people have found a job here in Bestensee”, the “cooperation with the adjacent trades is starting and the air purifiers are now being marketed worldwide”.

One of our mossy air filters is also installed in the municipality itself, the so-called CityBreeze: On one side with a green, vitalizing moss wall and on the other with a 75-inch LCD screen. “A great opportunity for Bestensee to get a little closer to digitization,” said Thomas Irmer.

Because to the question of how “we can make our region more liveable”, according to Tina Fischer, “the young company Green City Solutions offers an answer”. Thus, “it’s great to see what young people can achieve with new ideas”. She adds a small call: “Indoor, outdoor, as a tree with seating or with a digital screen – completely flexible & everything is possible! Renting is also possible” …

(Copyright: Thomas Irmer, Tina Fischer)

Our CEO and co-founder Peter Sänger was very pleased about the visitors: “The exchange on future prospects and challenges at state, district and municipal level was super interesting. As a Brandenburg company, we are happy about the local and regional networking!”