The Wallbreeze in the new ‘shade-providing community meeting place in the city center’

“Right in the middle, closer to you” – that’s the motto of the city of Griesheim. Located centrally in the Rhine-Main area, it offers “diverse recreational opportunities […] right at your doorstep”, as stated in the welcome message by Mayor Geza Krebs-Wetzl.

“Instantly” at the doorstep of residents and visitors of the “largest city in the southern Hessian district of Darmstadt-Dieburg”, the “extensive construction work at the Georg-Schüler-Anlage for the ‘Green Room'” was also completed in January.

Greening and Revitalizing the City Center

With this, pedestrians are now closer to cooler and fresher air, as part of the so-called ‘Green Room,’ the ‘new shade-providing community meeting place in the city center’ of Griesheim, also includes the WallBreeze!

“The city of Griesheim is making an important contribution to climate protection with the implementation of these two sustainable projects. The freestanding moss walls on-site will absorb polluted air and convert harmful substances into biomass and fresh air in the future”, emphasized Lukas Reinelt from the Griesheim Environmental Office, “who is involved in climate change adaptation among other things”.

Photos: GCS

Sustainable, innovative, cooling, and barrier-free

Photos: GCS