Digital Revolution Awards announce 2023 DACH shortlist

We are thrilled and proud: We have been shortlisted by the Digital Revolution Awards as “Outstanding Contribution to the Earth” 2023!
We are even more excited as the Digital Revolution Awards announced that it has been “a record-breaking year for nominations in the Digital Revolution Awards”.
The “Outstanding Contribution to the Earth” category is new for 2023 and “celebrates individuals and businesses disrupting the status quo and harnessing the power of cloud technology to tackle the global climate emergency”. The judges have been looking “for an organization or individual that has implemented a ground breaking product or service focused on tackling global heating”.
The other nominees in this group are Climeworks, CleanHub, Techem, ElectricFeel and Ridergy.
You could check out the rest of the “2023 DACH Shortlist” HERE.
The Digital Revolution Awards recognize “the power of the cloud to digitally transform our world: to help us live better and achieve more”. Their aim is to “highlight exemplary performances by both organizations and individuals in the global cloud ecosystem”.
The finalists have been recognized by their judges “for using cloud technology to make the world a better place to live and work”. The celebration and announcement of the winner will take place at the awards ceremony and fundraiser. Thus, “come along as we shine the spotlight on cloud technology’s leading pioneers, innovators and glass ceiling breakers from Frankfurt on 5th May, 2023” with Monique Morrow as the event host.
In 2023, Awards are “also adopting a greener approach to delivering the awards, from printing on recycled paper and offsetting [their] website’s carbon footprint to working with eco-friendly suppliers and venues that match [the] environmental aspirations”.