Say Hello to the CityBreeze

Our mission is clear: clean & fresh air for all city dwellers. For this, we rely first and foremost on solutions with immediate effect. We want better air now! And we start where as many people as possible benefit from it. However, the city is a very tightly meshed and planning-intensive space, so that rapid change and immediate impact are countered by little usable space and long decision-making paths. Our new product addresses these challenges. May we introduce: The CityBreeze.

Green meets screen

The CityBreeze combines a 75″ outdoor LED screen on one side and a moss-cleaned fresh air breeze on the other side. Its slim shape and the combination of Digital Out Of Home (DOOH in short) and BioTech open up many new use cases for us to turn city air into pretty air and put air quality on the political agenda. With the huge presentation area, we are expanding our BioTech air filters with the doubly valuable component of advertising and information.

Using existing infrastructures

Advertising and information spaces are already firmly anchored in cities and prominently placed where as many people as possible can be reached by the messages. This placement is ideally suited to our approach of creating fresh air zones in urban areas that provide healthy and fresh air for the greatest possible number of city dwellers. In addition, the slim CityBreeze, with a depth of just over 60 centimetres, can be easily integrated even in narrow urban spaces.

Short decision-making paths through dual function

The extension of functionality to include the aspect of DOOH creates shorter decision-making paths for usability in public spaces. On the one hand, the integration of advertising offers the possibility of quick refinancing. On the other hand, DOOH is much more than just advertising. One example: Until a few years ago, test alarms with sirens wailing through the city canyons were still common, but displays in public spaces have now taken over these functions. Many devices are an integral part of the municipal communication infrastructure in cities and serve as official warning multipliers.

The world’s first biotech fine dust filter, our CityTree, has got a sibling that optimally complements its big brother. Together with our partners, one of them Deutsche Telekom, we are preparing the pilot, which will start in the beginning of May. Stay tuned and follow us on our social media channels to never miss an update on the next important step to create the best possible city of tomorrow.