The WallBreeze in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)

With the relentless rise in global temperatures, heat waves are now more frequent, severe, and prolonged than ever before. As we face this escalating challenge, the German WDR program “Lokalzeit Bergisches Land” has posed a crucial question: “What measures can we take in densely built-up, concrete cities to effectively combat the heat?” 

The answer? “The breathing walls of Heiligenhaus!” 

For the past two months, two of our WallBreeze units have been deployed in the city of Heiligenhaus. The biofilters, installed on Place de Meaux in front of the Neues Pastorat hotel, are a remarkable solution. Thanks to the integrated moss modules and the accompanying IoT-technology, they cool and purify the surrounding air. 

“We must take action to confront climate change and adapt accordingly“, says Andreas Sauerwein, Technical Councilor of the city of Heiligenhaus.

Photos: GCS

Constanze Schmidt from the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, and Energy gGmbH confirms that the regenerative biofilters are particularly beneficial “where greening and planting trees are not feasible”. In such cases, they “serve as a valuable complementary measure to cool down public spaces crowded with people and facing air pollution”. 

Michaela Heiser conducted interviews for the Westdeutscher Rundfunk and the “Lokalzeit Bergisches Land” with our CEO, Peter Sänger, Andreas Sauerwein and Thomas Pischke from the Green Party. These insightful conversations shed light on the profound impact of biofilters in Heiligenhaus, revealing the dedication of these changemakers in creating a better tomorrow.

Photo: GCS

Heiligenhaus proudly stands amidst lush greenery, a city of diverse characteristics and rich history. Connected to the vibrant Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region and nestled in the picturesque Neanderland area, it is the perfect backdrop for the revolutionary WallBreeze units to flourish. 

Eager to dive deeper into the world of the WallBreeze units in Heiligenhaus, the “City in the Green”? Tune in to the German “Lokalzeit Bergisches Land” program, and catch the segment starting from minute 3:20 for an in-depth look at how these breathing walls are redefining urban living.