Holistic approach: species conservation and habitat enhancement

We feel very connected to the forest. The forest is, a natural habitat in which our superheroes, the mosses, are also found. In Germany, the habitat of the lichen pine forest with its biological diversity is especially important for the ecosystem. In 2004, the EU decided that the lichen pine forest is a “habitat type of common importance“. It only develops on particularly nutrient-poor, sandy sites. This forest community is severely threatened by nutrient and pollutant enrichment, especially from the air. More nutrients mean stronger moss growth – the lichens are overgrown by the mosses and eventually displaced.

Together with the Brandenburg Nature Conservation Fund Foundation, we have created a win-win situation. We relocate the mosses, which successively take over the habitat of the lichens. In this way, we support the LIFE dry grassland nature conservation project in preserving the lichen pine forest in Groß Köris near our moss farm in Brandenburg. The enormously rare and endangered forest form is being strengthened (win!).The removed mosses are examined and cultivated at our moss farm and tested for their natural properties and ecological added value (win!). After successful testing, the mosses are cultivated and further developed until they can be used in our CityTree & CityBreeze products and clean the city air for up to 7,000 people per hour (win!).