Fresh air near the tunnel kiln


An industrial hall in the town of Melle in Lower Saxony: refractory products for the ceramics and brick industries are manufactured here every day. It is warm in the hall, hot near the tunnel kiln, and some work steps generate noise. This is where work is done, where high-quality raw materials are refined into refractory bricks that protect the industrial kilns of the basic materials industry (e.g. cement and steel production). There are many things here that you would expect to find in an industrial hall: heavy lifting cranes, forklifts, lots of safety helmets and living, air-purifying moss.

Since August 2021, there has been a CityTree in the hall, which improves air quality and noticeably cools its surround air. This makes working as pleasant as possible. In addition, a place for brief relaxation and meeting has been created.

The manufacturer Refratechnik Ceramics has decided to install a CiytTree in its production facility. We are happy and proud that we can now test how the air quality in the production hall is, how the mosses in the interior clean particles such as dust and soot from the air and what cooling effect is achieved.

Refratechnik Ceramics is constantly on the lookout for sustainable solutions and energy efficiency, such as lightweight insulating bricks made from renewable raw materials. Therefore, the CityTree is an ideal addition as the most sustainable air filter.

Managing Director Dr. Andreas Sieverdingbeck on the extraordinary CityTree: “Our CityTree is an Indus-Tree. We are proud to be the first to use the sustainable bio air filter in an industrial environment, in our manufacturing facility. Close to the tunnel kiln, the fresh and clean air produced by the natural cleaning of the mosses is very pleasant for our employees. We at Refratechnik Ceramics GmbH are absolutely open to ecological innovations and spontaneously implemented this project. There were only a few weeks between the idea of testing a CiyTree in our industrial environment and the installation.”

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