The Municipality of Schönefeld visits Bestensee

“Thinking things differently”?

That’s exactly what you will find in Bestensee near Berlin!

In June we had the pleasure to welcome the management of the suburban municipality of Schönefeld here in Bestensee. During their visit, they explored our laboratory, the cultivation and regeneration area for the moss panels, as well as our production sites for our three product types: CityTree, CityBreeze and WallBreeze. It’s been an incredible journey for us since our start-up days in Dresden, now marking 9 years of operation. We are proud to distribute and install our bio-tech fine dust filters throughout Europe.

(Pictures: Municipality Schönefeld)

Our Sales Manager, Patrick Schülke, had the opportunity to inform Mayor Christian Hentschel and his head of department about our groundbreaking “regenerative and organic fine dust filtration using moss and smart IoT technology” (source). However, our solutions go beyond air purification, they also provide simultaneous air cooling. Therefore, our biofilters are suitable for indoor spaces as well as heavily sealed outdoor areas. Consequently, our products have generated considerable interest of “the rapidly growing municipality of Schönefeld”.

Schönefeld, located southeast of Berlin, belongs to the Dahme-Spreewald district in Brandenburg and is currently home to just under 20,000. Internationally, Schönefeld is best known for the Berlin Brandenburg “Willy Brandt” airport, also known to many as “BER”. With the opening of BER airport in October 2020, the municipality of Schönefeld is undergoing breathtaking development. It’s an exciting transformation, giving rise to a young, modern, opportunity-rich, innovative, and captivating city. (source)