Any Way the fresh wind blows

The re:publica, the festival for the digital society and the better tomorrow, took place from 8-10 June 2022 in the Arena Berlin and the Festsaal Kreuzberg and this year’s motto was “Any Way the Wind Blows”. So it was obvious that two moss filters, which combine fresh wind with digital presentation space, could not be missing. We are talking about the CityBreeze, of course.

In summery temperatures, the fresh breeze created by the CityBreezes via the evaporative coolness of the mosses was a real blessing that cooled off many visitors. Whether outside in the food area or inside next to the main stage, the screens with unusual green backs caused astonishment.

With moss against climate change

In a 15-minute talk, founder and CEO Peter Sänger pointed out the many advantages of the super plant and made it clear why trees have a hard time in urban areas and why moss therefore needs to be in the city. The lecture was met with great interest, and the audio devices through which those interested could listen to the explanations were quickly out of stock. After the lecture, Peter provided the audience with details in a question and answer session directly at the moss of the CityBreeze.

1 Screen: Simon Dierks/Green City Solutions
| 2 Audience: Jan Zappner/re:publica
| 3 Table football: Stefanie Loos/re:publica
| 4 : Moss side: Simon Dierks/Green City Solutions