Welcome to the Moss Farm


The motto said it all: Emil visited us at our headquarter and particularly the Moss Farm in Bestensee last Thursday.

The occasion was the “Future Day for Girls and Boys in the state of Brandenburg” (“Zukunftstag für Mädchen und Jungen im Land Brandenburg), which took place for the 22nd time on April 25, 2024. This event allows young people from grade 7 onwards to “try out professions directly on-site in the company or digitally and discover their dream profession – completely independent of outdated gender stereotypes”. As Steffen Freiberg, Minister for Education, Youth and Sports of the state of Brandenburg, writes in his greeting, “career orientation is an important phase in the lives of young people”, and “opening doors for young people, showing them their perspectives after school, is invaluable”.

Photo: GCS

Therefore, we were happy to open our doors to Emil as well!
While students were once again able to “get a taste of the world of companies, authorities, universities, and institutes”, Emil decided this year to breathe especially fresh air: He was particularly taken with the mosses.

At the end of the Future Day, Emil was quite happy because he had not only glimpsed into our various teams but also into all the production steps of moss mat production – he even produced eight moss mats himself. Working with these small high-performance plants visibly piqued his interest more than computer work. He was sure that this would not be his last visit to us (even though he actually wants to become a musician 😊).

Emil, you are welcome anytime!

Photos: GCS

The “Future Day Team” from Brandenburg has been accompanying “girls and boys on their way into their professional future” since 2003. Thus, in 2024, “with this concentrated knowledge and the experiences from the past two decades […] career orientation in the state of Brandenburg” is to be strengthened. Future Day is an initiative within the framework of the nationwide action day “Girl’s Day” and “Boy’s Day”.

Has your interest been sparked too?
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