DSE Announces 2022 DIZZIE Award Winners

The joint submission of BrightSign and Green City Solutions wins the Digital Signage Experience (DIZZIE) Award for best “Digital Out-of-Home” deployment – with the contribution on “Digital Signage that Cleans the Air We Breathe”, the CityBreeze!
We at Green City Solutions feel honored – and are grateful for this great cooperation.
„It’s fantastic to see that our innovation in DOOH got an international price. We thank BrightSign for the collaboration and the joint application”, says our CEO Peter Sänger. “We are looking forward to experience more sustainability in the digital out-of-home sector.”
The Digital Signage Experience (DSE) and their awards program recognizes “companies from around the world whose digital signage installations and campaigns challenge existing standards and drive the industry forward”.
David Drain, DSE director of event programs, said:
“Our industry is continuously evolving and we were in awe with the latest and greatest digital and interactive displays that were submitted to our awards program”. “We are thrilled to honor the incredible work of these companies”, he continued.
On behalf of Green City Solutions, we thank the judges from Digital Signage Federation, e.g. Mark Bennett, Matteo Berti, Geoffrey Bessin, Corrie Brannan, Jonathan Brawn, Ryan Cahoy, Carey Callahan, Scott Carter, Len Dudis, Rob Edwards, Peter Erickson, Jordan Feil, Kym Frank, Stephanie Gutnik, Danny Hagen, Craig K., Sean Law, Carrie McKenzie-Bush, John Moss, Joseph Petrie, Rick Robinson, Sheldon Silverman, Ed Tang and Beth Warren.
Read more about 2022 DIZZIE Awards at the Las Vegas Convention Center and see the full list of winners at rAVe [PUBS].