Reliable. Transparent. Value-Driven.” meets Value-Added Advertising

In the autumn of 2023, we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of captivating new CityBreeze locations, made possible through the collaboration with the Verifort Capital Group, enriching the climAD advertising network. Noteworthy among these is the inclusion of the Kaufland-Center in Dessau-Roßlau and the Classic Center in Weimar.

Verifort Capital, an esteemed real estate and investment firm boasting multiple locations across Germany, with its headquarters situated in Tübingen, specializes in the management and trade of healthcare and commercial properties (source). Grounded in principles of reliability, transparency, and sustainability, Verifort Capital’s investment philosophy underscores the belief that those proficient in real estate development and equipped with visionary concepts can uncover opportunities even amid the challenges and fluctuations inherent in the dynamic landscape of the German retail sector (source). Verifort Capital’s offerings include real estate funds that embody the principles of being “Reliable. Transparent. Sustainable.”

Credits: GCS

Value-Driven – and Sustainable

For the Verifort Capital Group, being value-driven entails conducting business with “ethically correct, responsible, and conscious” practices. This involves placing a strong emphasis on “a considerate approach to natural resources” and capitalizing on the “opportunities presented by digitization, technology, and ESG” (source). ESG, in particular, is expected to drive transformative changes in the real estate sector. Verifort Capital perceives sustainable practices as a vital aspect, viewing it “in terms of a balanced consideration of ecological, economic, and social factors” as “one of the most crucial guiding principles for successful business in the 21st century” (source). The company recognizes its “special responsibility” and has been voluntarily producing an ESG sustainability report for several years.

“ESG is the turbo for real estate,” emphasizes Thomas Heidelberger MRICS, COO-ESG Team Leader at Verifort Capital Group.

Meanwhile, the CityBreeze stands out as the first digital out-of-home solution designed to cool its surroundings rather than add heat. It seamlessly integrates sustainability and digitization, with its energy-efficient screen and breathable moss contributing to a demonstrable enhancement of air quality, aligning with ESG and sustainability criteria.

Thanks to the Verifort Capital Group, two additional intelligent moss filters have been successfully installed. The CityBreeze, in collaboration with the pioneering sustainable outdoor advertising network climAD, actively contributes to introducing nature into urban spaces through living moss during each campaign, fostering improved air quality and various other benefits.

In the span of a 10-second advertisement, the moss-based air filters and coolers effectively purify over 4,000 liters of fine dust-laden air. Furthermore, a natural cooling effect reduces ambient temperatures by up to 4°C on warmer days. This refreshing breeze not only encourages passersby to take a moment but also amplifies the attention given to the displayed content. It’s advertising with inherent value!

Janine Schreiner, Asset Manager at Verifort Capital, shared her thoughts on the installation of advertising pillars featuring regenerative moss filters:

“We are delighted to integrate another sustainable element into our properties in Dessau-Roßlau and Weimar with the CityBreeze from Green City Solutions. Sustainability holds significant importance for us, shaping both our strategic orientation and day-to-day operations. The innovative fresh air concepts effectively communicate and embody our commitment. The CityBreeze takes on the role of communicating and embodying these concepts with great efficacy.”

Credits: GCS

A Breath of Fresh Air at Kaufland-Center Dessau-Roßlau

In the popular shopping center ‘Am Eichengarten 2’ in Dessau, a CityBreeze has been installed in recent weeks, now capturing attention at the center stage – exclusively as the sole screen in the shopping complex, strategically positioned directly in front of the escalator for maximum visibility. The intelligent biotech filter not only cools but also purifies the surrounding air at the main entrance of Kaufland-Center Dessau-Roßlau (Kaufland Center Dessau-Mildensee), welcoming visitors with a refreshing breeze in an unexpected location.

Nature, moss, clean, and cool air in Dessau-Roßlau – it’s a perfect fit. Known as the ‘Bauhausstadt im Gartenreich‘ (Bauhaus city in the Garden Realm), Dessau is a true ‘City in Green,’ nestled in the unique UNESCO World Heritage Garden Realm Dessau-Wörlitz and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Mittelelbe. Both titles represent an unparalleled natural environment and landscape (source). Simultaneously, the city believes that ‘Future-Proof Cities should offer all residents high quality of life and provide them with the opportunity to actively participate in all aspects of urban life’ (source). The entire city of Dessau-Roßlau has embraced a guiding principle for the sustainable development of the city, defining itself as a place where ‘Modern Tradition resides’ (source).

In this context, the choice of location by Verifort Capital appears fitting and sustainable, aligning with the city’s commitment to supporting local developments and being a reliable partner.

Credits: GCS

Climate-Positive Advertising at Classic-Center Weimar (CCW)

Since early November, a breath of fresh air has been added to the shopping center on Ernst-Busse-Straße 33 in the cultural city of Weimar, along with an expansion of the reach of value-driven campaigns.

In this ‘significant and charming residence city in the heart of Europe’ (source), Verifort Capital is also committed to contributing to sustainable development. The extensive renovation and modernization of the center were successfully completed last year in this ‘authentic city,’ with a focus not only on ‘visual modernization and new spatial planning’ but also on a more sustainable orientation and increased energy efficiency throughout the building (source).

This mirrors the overall image of the ‘authentic city’: ‘Dynamic, pulsating, cosmopolitan – visitors are fascinated by experiencing art and culture, music and history, light-hearted entertainment, and youthful creativity’ (source) – now also amidst fresh air and well-informed thanks to the first sustainable advertising pillar, CityBreeze.

Credits: GCS