Multiple benefits!

The Warnow Park in the city of Rostock is not only a popular and well-frequented shopping center, but now also the location of a new technology that can significantly improve the air quality for the numerous visitors every day: Three of our CityBreezes have been installed here! The digital information steles which combine a large-format LCD screen with an air filter based on natural moss ensure oases of fresh air in the shopping center.

With these CityBreeze steles, we not only increase the air quality in Warnow Park”, says Frank Middendorf, Centermanager of Warnow Park Rostock. “Our visitors enjoy the integrated seating, the digital display surface works beautifully and it contributes to our sustainability and environmental strategy – that’s really a smart multiple benefit”.

The media screens with moss on the backside bring further innovation to Rostock’s Warnow Park. In addition, the CityBreezes makes air quality tangible and thus helping to raise public awareness about an important and health-related environmental issue: According to theWorld Health Organization (WHO) 91 percent of people in cities around the world are breathing polluted air. The digital screens therefore not only display advertising or general center information, but also data regarding the activity of the CityBreezes.

We’re looking forward to a lot of fresh air in Rostock!


The cleaning power of the CityBreezes in Rostock Warnow Park corresponds to the hourly respiratory volume of around 6,000 people – or six million healthy breaths.
One moss filter “can clean, cool and humidify over 1,000 cubic metres of air per hour”, as managing director and CEO Peter Sänger explains. “It removes up to 82% of fine dust from the air and cools the ambient air by up to 4 degrees.”

Thus, the CityBreezes create real fresh-air oases with a forest scent – “Green meets Screen” in the shopping center. The moss-backed media screens bring further innovation and a breath of fresh air where you least expect it.

If you are interested in Impactful Advertising, then feel free to suggest a location HERE  – if all criterias are met, we will install the moss filter free of charge.