“Think. Engage. In the Heart of the Action.”

“You can now comfortably sit and stay informed and connected about the city centre in the new parklet at Poststraße”, reports the Office for Economic Development and Science (Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung und Wissenschaft) of the city of Heidelberg.

We are thrilled about this great project: The parklet in Heidelberg is one of our smart moss filters, the CityBreeze!

For the next five months, the natural air filter invites you to linger and engage with others outdoors, right in front of the downtown project office called “Mittendrinnenstadt”. Along with seating options, it features an integrated display on one side, providing interesting facts and information about the downtown project. On the other side, there is a green, invigorating moss wall with active filtering technology, which not only filters particulate matter from the passing air but also humidifies and cools the surrounding air.
Thus, the CityBreeze is the first out-of-home stele that cools the ambient air instead of heating it up.

photos: Philipp Rothe & Sabine Arndt

The city of Heidelberg aims to “make the downtown area even more attractive and expand its spatial reach together with many stakeholders”. For this purpose, “a new downtown management has established its office at Poststraße 24, serving as a point of contact for everyone interested in getting informed, connected, involved, and engaged”: the so called “Mittendrinnenstadt”.

First Deputy Mayor (Erste Bürgermeister) Jürgen Odszuck “warmly invites interested individuals to stop by, get informed and contribute with their own ideas and projects for the downtown area”. He stated, that “We want to engage as many people as possible in actively shaping the future of our city centre. That’s why the downtown office on Poststraße is available as the first point of contact. With the parklet in front of it, we provide an additional space for interaction and exchange. Interested individuals can learn about downtown projects here on-site, develop their own ideas and directly bring them to the downtown office” Thus, “feel free to come by and take advantage of the opportunity”, added the First Deputy Mayor Jürgen Odszuck.

The project office of the downtown management (Poststraße 24) is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 am to 5 pm, Thursdays from 1 pm to 6 pm, and Fridays from 9 am to 1 pm. Additionally, it can be reached via email at innenstadtmanagement@heidelberg.de.

Residents can “contribute their suggestions and ideas for the further development of the downtown area” on-site. Heidelberg also supports “citizens, initiatives, associations, businesses, and institutions that wish to independently implement projects in the new city centre area”. “For every euro the initiators contribute to their project, the city promises an equal amount as funding”. The city of Heidelberg “receives federal funding from the program ‘Future-Proof Cities and Centers'” of the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Construction and also invests from its own resources.

Read more (German) information HERE.


photos: Philipp Rothe & Sabine Arndt

With the CityBreeze, pedestrians in downtown Heidelberg can now look forward to a fresh breeze where they least expect it. The Mittendrinnenstadt project takes new, innovative paths and prepares the city centre for the future. This includes an improved quality of stay through clean and cool air – even on summer days -, fresh information … and a piece of nature!

Foto: Sabine Arndt