“Our Team, Our Town, Our Time!”

A big congratulations from the CityTree of Luton Concil and all of us from Green City Solutions 


The recent success of Luton Town Football Club in reaching the Premier League has brought immense joy to the city of Luton in Bedfordshire. After a thrilling playoff match against Coventry City Football Club at Wembley Stadium, the club secured a return to the topflight for the first time since 1992. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the club, which had spent nine years outside the league. BBC East reported on this remarkable feat. 

(Photo: Luton Council)

Luton Town Football Club, fondly known as the Hattersdue to the town’s hat-making heritage in the 17th century, is now celebrating their triumphant return. Chants of “We are the Hatters and we’re going up” and “The Hatters are the champions” can be heard throughout the city. The club’s success has not only brought pride to the football fans but has also showcased the beauty of the town. 


(Photo: Love Luton)

The residents of Luton take great pride in their community and their environment.  

In February of this year, the Business Improvement District Luton BID, which emphasizes the sense of community by organizing regular city cleanups, encouraged Luton to Hate Litter, Love Luton!” as a way to keep the city clean. During the match, the organization once again highlights the beauty of seeing people from diverse backgrounds and ages coming together for a common cause.  

(Photo: Luton BID)

To celebrate appropriately, the Love Luton campaign aims to give their “victorious football team the reception of their lives” and painted their town orange. Of course, the CityTree had to join the party as well!  


During the enticing match, the moss filter contributed far beyond its function of air cooling and air filtration; it provided sports enthusiasts a place to rest and take a deep breath while promoting their city’s favorite football team on its digital screen. Once again, the CityTree takes part in Impactful Advertising by helping Luton achieve its climate targets 

For more information about Luton’s initiatives and ongoing projects, you can visit the Luton Borough Concil Website. 

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