Welcome to the “Green Room”

Last Friday, the “Green Room” of Griesheim city, the “shady meeting place in the city center”, including our WallBreeze modules, was officially opened during the Griesheim Summer Festival in the presence of our CEO, Peter Sänger.

Photos: Stadt Griesheim & GCS

The City of Griesheim and “all the companies involved that […] helped to improve the quality of stay in the city center through various projects”, including Helix Pflanzensysteme GmbH, CITY DECKS, and wer denkt was GmbH, were present and “provided information about the various measures at different booths”, said Katharina Fast from the city administration. Both residents and visitors were invited to join and, as the city’s motto suggests, “be in the middle of it, closer to the action”, the event also served as “an information day for citizens”.

Photos: GCS

“The City of Griesheim is making an important contribution to climate protection with the implementation […]. The freestanding moss walls on site will absorb polluted air and convert harmful substances into biomass and fresh air”, emphasized Lukas Reinelt from the municipal environmental office.

The WallBreeze modules are also equipped with a film that “contains information about the functionality of the moss walls” and allows passers-by and citizens to “digitally access the performance of the moss walls in terms of air purification and cooling” via QR code. The “backside of the moss wall parallel to Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße will also receive a device that allows posters for event announcements to be hung there in the future”, according to the municipal project manager, Diana Richter.

Photos: GCS

We would like to thank all participants, residents, and visitors for a thoroughly successful, sociable event and, of course, for the beautiful “Green Room” project in general.

Learn more about the WallBreeze installations in Griesheim at: