“A Very Special Advent Weekend” in the Black Forest Town

On the past weekend, the Grand District Town of Calw hosted the “First Calw Lights Festival.” The announcement stated that throughout the entire city center, a “special lighting concept and numerous decorative highlights will take visitors on a magical journey through time” (Source). The overall program, including the “Street Food Festival at the Marketplace” and “Christmas Shopping” on Friday, had a singular goal: “to enchant you and create unforgettable experiences” (Source).

To encourage lingering “in a wonderful light atmosphere,” various seating options were available throughout the entire Calw city center (Source).

One of the favored seating options was the CityTree of Calw!

Since September of this year, the biofilter with fresh moss has been providing a breath of fresh air and clean environmental air in the Swabian Black Forest town. As part of the “Sustainable City Centers and Hubs” initiative (ZIZ), it also communicates information via the integrated screen, such as details about upcoming events like the Calw Lights Festival. In the Hermann Hesse city, additional greenery surrounds the regenerative moss filter, representing a building block for enhancing urban diversity.

For more information about the background and installation of the CityTree, read “A fresh breeze in the Swabian Black Forest town of Calw.”

Source: Tourist information of Calw 

The Mayor of the city of Calw, Florian Kling, commented on the successful event: “Finally, the days become quieter and more contemplative. At the “First Lights Festival” in Calw, our beautiful half-timbered town shone as never before, delighting the eyes of both young and old visitors” (Source). The Schwarzwälder Bote subsequently titled, “Calw – where colorful lights meet half-timbering,” and provided some impressions of the scenery with “vivid colors, various light installations, and even mist” (Source). It was described as “a celebration for all the senses” and “offered new colorful perspectives, luminous artistry, and culinary highlights” (Source).