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Cars in the city: less is more


Sänger's sidetones +5 and -5. These two figures illustrate what has long been common knowledge: less is sometimes more. For example, total carbon dioxide ... // read more >

Cars in the city: less is more2021-10-22T11:32:41+00:00

Fresh air for the anniversary


KD Electronics realizes CityTree for Zerbst KD Electronics is a key partner for the successful marriage of technology and biology happening in the CityTree. KD ... // read more >

Fresh air for the anniversary2021-08-06T08:12:22+00:00

Grown from insight


New level: Milestones in the evolution of the CityTree It is now a good year since the two founders Peter Sänger and Liang Wu unveiled ... // read more >

Grown from insight2021-07-08T15:07:16+00:00

Heat islands


How our cities turn into local saunas and what we can do about it. Please imagine two scenarios: Scenario 1: Imagine a hot summer ... // read more >

Heat islands2021-07-09T09:11:53+00:00

Land use sealing


A small story about coasters, football fields, and our soil While enjoying your well-deserved "after-work-drink", you may use the coaster to protect ... // read more >

Land use sealing2021-07-09T09:11:03+00:00
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